Kobol roadmap


  Plans for a full remake of this project were drawn in late 2019. After some months of planning, we ended up with the blueprint below.

Last update: Tuesday, July 27, 2021 4:36 PM CST


Legends: Not started   Working on   Delayed   Finished

May 2020
Rethink schemas and classes tree  
  Gather common elements from the old code and make a core module with them
Port card templates maintenance module  
  Port "Cardspecs" module to new "Cards" maintenance module
Port boards maintenance module.  
  Port realms maintenance module.
Port universes maintenance module.  
June 2020
  Port skills maintenance module.
Refactor board and template forges.  
July 2020
  Port depot (card packs factory) maintenance module.
Finish admin module leftovers  
Aug-Sept 2020
  Prep backend home elements
Prep social channels  
  Upload and install ported modules
Upload base schemas, classes and imagery  
  Make listing pages (registered realms, universes, boards and cards)
Make landing docs (privacy policy, TOS, etc.)  
  Make "about" docs section with detailed explanations on what are realms, universes, cards, etc.
Make module intros and context help  
Sept 2020-Apr 2021 > Jan-Feb 2022
  Mount staging GameServer
Add support for realms without user registration system  
Add support for realms with user registration system  
  Mount testing realm
Web game client recoding  
March-April 2022
  Make FAQs
Make creator manuals for realms, universes, boards, cards, etc.  
  Make depot API endpoint
Make API callback link generator for usage on the client shop  
  Add forums
May-June 2022
Tune game client layout  
  Implement in-game shoppping
  Implement P2P marketplace
Implement creation of cards from crypto wallet addresses  
  Improve training zone
Make "Cariñoland" universe  
Make "Crypto Wars" universe  
Make "CannaLegal Fight Club" universe  
Make "Dapp Wars" universe  
Make "Gangsta Wars" universe  
Make "Trolls United" universe  
  Deploy PoliCromix realm
  Deploy BCF realm
  Deploy GRWI.io realm
  Deploy MotaCoin realm
  Deploy HTMLcoin realm
  Deploy Trollcoin realm
July 2022
Global production testing & debugging   
  Public release of PoliCromix realm
  Public release of BCF realm
  Public release of GRWI.io realm
  Public release of MotaCoin realm
  Public release of HTMLcoin realm
  Public release of Trollcoin realm
 Marketing & communitiy tracking  
August-September 2022
   Implement stats harvesters and reporters
Make stories editor module  
  Make initial story for Cariñoland
  Make initial story for Crypto Wars
  Make initial story for CannaLegal Fight Club
  Make initial story for Dapp Wars
  Make initial story for Gansta Wars
  Make initial story for Trolls United
October-November 2022
Launch initial stories  
  Develop "world domination" playing mode
December 2022 - January 2023
Launch new playing mode  
  Start development of Mobile app
Launch PoliCromix Mobile  


Important: all information above is subject to change without notice.

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