Plans for a full remake of this project were drawn in late 2019. We started at Q2 2020, had huge delays, and went back to development in Q2 2022.

Last update: Monday, March 13, 2024


Legends: Not started   Working on   Delayed   Finished

May 2020
Rethink schemas and classes tree  
  Gather common elements from the old code and make a core module with them
Port card templates maintenance module  
  Port "Cardspecs" module to new "Cards" maintenance module
Port boards maintenance module.  
  Port realms maintenance module.
Port universes maintenance module.  
June 2020
  Port skills maintenance module.
Refactor board and template forges.  
July 2020
  Port depot (card packs factory) maintenance module.
Finish admin module leftovers  
Aug-Sept 2020
  Prep backend home elements
Prep social channels  
  Upload and install ported modules
Upload base schemas, classes and imagery  
  Make listing pages (registered realms, universes, boards and cards)
Make landing docs (privacy policy, TOS, etc.)  
  Make "about" docs section with detailed explanations on what are realms, universes, cards, etc.
Make module intros and context help  
Sept 2020-Apr 2021 > Jan 2022
  Mount staging GameServer - aborted
Add support for realms without user registration system - aborted  
Add support for realms with user registration system - aborted  
  Mount testing realm - aborted
Web game client recoding - aborted  
 February 2022
  Paradigm shift: Kobol will be an API, game clients will be built on top 
Code review and discarding of loosely rebuilt elements.  
  Infrastructure refactoring: taken elements from the original idea to bring four building blocks: 
    CMS: where everything is designed.
    Profiler: will be the entry point of realms, will provide root elements to the game client and the cards depot.
    GameServer: will serve all requests to the game client and control battle flow.
    Stas server: will receive stats from the other blocks and build reports.
    Game clients will live on the realm websites, and the websites will only interface with the GameServers.
March-April 2022
Detach CMS from the Kobol website  
  Add extensions support for all game elements 
 Add customizations to card templates, cardspecs and boards through extensions  
  Add the definition of a new SPs management subsystem, allowing support for cryptocurrencies and smart contract based tokens for QTUM based blockchains.
Add support for custom parameters on realms for extension-based control decisions  
  Implement new servers infrastructure: staging, development and production nodes.
    The next realms will be used for development and testing:
    Testing Realm, internally managed by the Kobol dev team.
    PoliCromix, owned by LAVA SoftWorks and managed in association with the Kobol dev team.
    Army of Crypto, owned and managed by the AOC team.
Create full reference for all API endpoints  
  Add support for realm bootstrap on the profilers
Add support for login validation / registration API endpoints  
  Add  support for GameServer API endpoints
  May-December 2022
Implement "native" SPs management wallet  
Implement cryptocurrency/token based management wallet  
  Implement NFT creation  capabilities
Add support for pre-generated NFTs  
  Make API endpoints for depot, websites, wallets.
Implement in-game shopping  
  Marketplace integration engine
January 2023-February 2024
  Start development of hybrid app for desktop and mobile platforms
Remake battle logic  
  Closed alpha release of all systems for Army of Crypto
Implement stats harvesters and reporters  
  Open alpha release of all systems for Army of Crypto
Debugging and fine tuning with AOC alpha players  
  Review plan and define times for PoliCromix relaunch
Redefine initial universes for PoliCromix  
  Make initial universes for PoliCromix
Make stories module editor  
   Wrap up hybrid app for PoliCromix
Remake PoliCromix training zone  
  Remake the PoliCromix website
Public release of PoliCromix website  
Open Alpha on all PoliCromix systems  
  Implement card insurance in PoliCromix
Add basic blockchain support to PoliCromix  
  Implement story mode in the PoliCromix Game Client
  Deploy Cariñoland StoryBook
Implement P2P, non blockchain-based marketplace in PoliCromix  
  Open beta release of all systems for PoliCromix
Open beta release of all systems for Army of Crypto  
  Implement power-ups engine in PoliCromix
Final release of all systems for PoliCromix  
  Add extended blockchain support to PoliCromix
 Final release of all systems for Army of Crypto  
  Develop "world domination" playing mode for PoliCromix
Make PoliCromix creator manuals for realms, universes, boards, cards, etc.  


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